Shai Sheaffer, born in Jerusalem, Israel, married and father of three, member of Mensa Israel, graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, specializing in Industrial Design, member of Intel’s start-up team in Israel, and throughout the nineties served as Israeli Consul for Italy and Malta. Today Shai is treating and healing with energy and providing counseling and guidance in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, and Zurich.

Shai has been treating people for over 35 years. He began his studies and practice with Israel’s leading astrologist Miriam Biniamini. In 1995 Shai was invited by a Shinto Priestess to Tokyo and was trained by her to treat with energy. In 1998 he kept pursuing this direction and graduated as a Reiki Master, receiving training from one of Italy’s leading Reiki Masters. During that same year Shai returned to Israel and opened up his own clinic in Jerusalem which offered healing treatments, workshops and counseling. In the year 2000 Shai became an active volunteer at a rehab center operated by the Ministry of Health, treating people with severe drug addictions. That same year Shai began receiving patients in Tel-Aviv as well.

In the year 2002 a Swiss woman with a severe case of CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) has heard of Shai while visiting the Dead Sea. She arrived at his clinic in Jerusalem on a wheel chair and attended several treatments. She went through a dramatically positive change both physically and emotionally, and returned to Switzerland being able to walk on her legs. Her psychiatrist was amazed by the improved condition. As a result Shai was invited to Switzerland by the CFS organization to treat other CFS patients. Shai opened a clinic in Zurich, and 7 years later he is still treating in Switzerland CFS patients as well as other medical and psychological conditions. The clinic serves patients from all around Europe.

Shai’s treatment as a healer revolves around the understanding that the body and soul are one. This enables a thorough treatment that grants an improvement and a relief in everyday life. In many cases the depth of the treatment achieves a full recovery.

Energy is the moving force of all of the body’s systems; therefore it is important to have a free flow of energies in the body. The Energy Treatment releases blockage and stress and enables the body to return to proper function.

The treatment is carried out with a fully dressed patient with or without touching hands.

Experience shows that almost any physical and psychological problem can be solved or relived. The treatment is suitable for problems such as: orthopedic problems, aches, infections and inflammations, diabetes, asthma, stress, anxiety, depression, traumas, eating disorders, addictions, smoking addiction, support of cancer patients during chemotherapy and radiation, strengthening of multiple sclerosis patients, preparation before operation and rehabilitation after operation. The treatment also has positive effect on pregnant women.

Shai’s working apprehension as a coacher always revolved around the humane factor. During his professional path he has treated, supported and promoted colleagues, associates, employees and many who worked in his environment. In addition, his broad perception has always been focused on improving his working environment and pulling the best out of the people he worked with, regardless their titles and experience.

Shai began guiding businessman and private people before the term “coaching” was popular. Throughout the years Shai has gained experience in diagnosing and treating the human spirit and body, guiding, advising, supporting and finding personal solutions. His high sensitivity and professional nature have been acquired over years of guidance he received from studies all over the world, such as Excellence, a director's course administered by the well known Xerox Company, and Intel’s university IMBOS diploma he received during 1984 in Intel’s production plant in Arizona.

Energies are the central driving force … free flow of energy in the body...thus enabling body systems to return to normal regular functioning…energy is conveyed to the patient through the hands… possible to treat and ease almost any physical or emotional problem… relieve the suffering… Orthopedic, pain, inflammations, Diabetes, Asthma, stress, anxiety, depression, traumas, dietary problems, addictions, smoking cessation, support and help for Cancer patients during Chemotherapy and Radiation, strengthening Multiple Sclerosis sufferers, preparation for surgery and post operative adjustment… simulate surgery without cutting…